Hello again!

I’m feeling nostalgic. The above picture is a snap of Stuttgart, Germany where I was lucky to stay for a few nights over the Christmas break. I truly recommend. But for me (and for many of you as well) the holidays are well and truly over. So it’s back to uni for my 3rd year of study.

Studying part-time means that not only will I never leave this university but I’m still doing first year subjects while the rest of my friends are busy graduating.

It’s ok, I’ve got the whole exciting mess of BCM112 to look forward to. Not every student can claim they watch youtube clips in their lectures.

It could be worse. Before I transferred to Communications and Media I was an Arts student. There’s no competition between history textbooks and memes.

Anyway, I know that for some of you this year is you’re first and I’d like to offer you some advice. Feel free to take it or leave it, I don’t mind.

  1. Never do today what you can tomorrow, unless it’s due tomorrow.
  2. You may think you can get a car park at the uni at 9:15am. You won’t.
  3. Don’t feed the ducks.

Everything else I’m sure you’ll figure out for yourself. Did you go anywhere spectacular over Christmas? Leave a comment or picture below. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time!



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