Thinking Cap Time


Pictured: me

In case that there are people reading this blog post that are not taking, have not taken or will never take the BCM112 subject know that there’s a reason why I’ve been spending the past week staring blankly at my screen.

Part of my BCM112 course work involves creating a Digital Artefact (DA). Similar to a major project.

What’s different is I have a lot of options so long as my project:

  •  is publicly available on the open internet;
  • has clearly defined social utility
  • be an application of the concept ‘The medium is the message’.

So that limits my potential project to nearly anything… It’s a bit different to just writing an essay.

So you can probably understand why I’ve been staring aimlessly at the screen hoping that some sort of idea will slip its way into my brain.

But then the seemingly impossible happened.


Actually two ideas. Let me explain.

Idea number #1

Create a blog that focuses on sharing my experiences learning how to make different forms of animation. I do admit that I have no practice skills in this,but it is something that I’ve wanted to learn.

I’ve noticed that although there is information available online for people learning how to make animations, it’s all over the place. What’s more, many beginner tutorials/sites tend to assume that you have at least a basic understanding of animation.

So my project could fill a gap.

Idea number #2

A youtube series of some sort of mash-up of Disney Princesses and reality TV shows such as Married at First Sight or The Bachelorette.

This could be a lot of fun but this idea would mean that I would have to find “willing” participants to act in the videos. Its would also involve me relying my friends busy schedules.

I’m not sure yet, which idea I’ll go with. I like both. But it’s somewhere to start.


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