Want fries with that?


Now we have ‘Glitch Art’

What is Glitch Art? It’s deliberately creating purposeful mistakes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating to create something that embodies authenticity.

It looks like this.


This new art form not only embraces but celebrates the notion of risk in craftsmanship.  It’s an example of how we are moving away from the production line towards a digital culture that is shaped by the medium of the internet.

As said by Marshall McLuhan

“The medium is the message”






12 thoughts on “Want fries with that?

  1. This was such a great blog post, the short and concise nature really had an effect on me as soon as I viewed it. The fact that you decided to be so brief allowed for me to really think about the topic, I like how you didn’t need to write loads of information to make a viewer understand what you were discussing. Also that McDonalds game is so nostalgic.

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  2. Great post. I think you really get what this task is about, to be concise! Really good stuff, I’d only say that if you made it a bit more personal it would have been just that little bit extra. Love the links and gifs !

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  3. Really enjoyed your blog. It was easy on the eye and very straight to the point. That GIF of the McDonalds game brought me back to many Business classes in high school – loved the use of it. Maybe you should considering linking an article or something just to further enhance your ideas but otherwise really good! Helped me understand glitch art!

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  4. Hey, loved the blog. Both parts were concise and easy to understand which was great. The graph about craftsmanship is very well done and looks extremely professional and visually well done, gives a simple explanation that is very informative. The glitch art part is also informative, but it is very simple and probably could have done with a bit more information or some of your own personal thoughts. The glitch art was really good as well, brought me back to when I played that game.

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  5. You have used visual language and text really well to get your message across in an easy to understand and concise manner. I would say the only weakness point is the lack of information. I think if you expanded on more examples of glitch media and artworks that would have made your post even more awesome! For example, you could have expanded on the notion of risk within craftsmanship in the digital age via this article: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/12/glitch-art/. This woman makes scarfs using glitch art, or “Stuxnet”.
    I think it could have opened up a really interesting door and reference point in your article.
    Regardless, best article I have seen so far that has gotten the message across!

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  6. Hey mara,

    Excellent blog post! Not only is it concise and clear to read, but the use of the infographic and the glitch art gif kept be both enthralled and informed at the same time. I really admire how you managed to explain this complicated concept into a brief blog post without skipping out on any detail! For future reference i would try and incorporate some hyperlinks to allow people who want to learn more about the topics you touched on. Otherwise an excellent blog post and i look forward to reading more!

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