Audience 2.0


For many, this is what we think of when we hear the word audience.  A silent crowd absorbing the message with rapt attention. Yet with the development of new technologies and industry practices –  most of which are here thanks to the web – we are seeing the emergence of a new type of audience.

Producer + USER = PRODUSER


This is all to do with Henry Jenkins there convergence. If you need a definition for convergence visit my previous blog post here.

Part of this theory discusses the transition that audience are making from a passive roll to an active roll.

We not only want immediate access to entertainment but can go anywhere to find it and if it doesn’t exist, create it ourselves.

What does this audience look like?

One of the things that people tentatively admit to liking is fan fiction, partially for it’s reputation as low-key mummy porn. And it’s true there are many weird and wonderful things that have come out of fan fiction sites (see my video below if you’re feeling curious). Yet I still think it’s kind of awesome as this has become a genre of fiction that is created by fans for fans.

In this case, content no longer resides only in the hands of the original creators and it is this that has allowed for a diverse amount of user-generated content to spread rapidly.





8 thoughts on “Audience 2.0

  1. Hi Mara! Loved your post on Audience 2.0 (great title as well). It was very neatly set out and I liked how you included a link to your prior post for more information on convergence. Your image selection made me laugh, I remember wearing those dorky red and blue 3D glasses when I was younger and it made me recognise just how much the audience has evolved as I’ve grown up. Here is a link to an interesting article about the “silent audience” made possible due to the evolution of technology you might want to check out
    Your Harry Potter fan fiction video was also great. To make it even better I would add in a short introduction stating what you are going to be doing/talking about just to make it even clearer to your audience. Overall great job!

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  2. Awesome post! You keep it simple but take us on a nice journey through the evolution of the audience. From the silent audience you picture above to what we now know as the produser. A new and powerful position we’ve been given to be a part of the internet. Crazy, right?? I like the way you summarised this into audience 2.0 and if anything your article could’ve expanded a little more on what this new audience role means for us, and society as a whole. You can read a little about it here: or here

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  3. it was a really post! well written and well-structured. i think that not only BCM student but anyone can easy get the point out of your post. A huge plus point for visual illustrations and also you videos which did a great job in supporting your ideas. when i read to the fanfiction part, i famous yet controversial novel pop up in my mind: 50 shades of Grey. i think that this is absolutely what you’re been saying as “audience 2.0” but audience 2.0 to a next level. have you read it or watched the movie?

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