It’s been said that we are living in the time of the remix. Take the Top Grossing Movies of 2016 – 14 out of the top 20 movies were either remakes, adaptions or sequels.

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And this tendency to remix is nothing new. Even Shakespeare was known to copy speeches, themes and entire plot points from other writers in his plays. Which brings to mind M.C. Escher quote, originality is merely an illusion. 

What we’re seeing today is the movement of audiences from a read-only culture to a read-write culture. This is largely thanks to technology, in particular the internet, which has allowed audiences to step directly into the production process and contribute in ways that were once only possible to a select few.

This has resulted a wealth of audience created content of varying quality.  My own Spongebob inspired gif, is just one of many examples of this growing culture. Although some a lot of the content generated online is a little terrifying ‘interesting’, I still think it’s awesome that we, the audience, have the power to access what we want, when we want it and if we can’t find it, create content ourselves.

I’ll leave you with this gem by TrapMusicHDTV



10 thoughts on “Read/write/edit/share

  1. Hey, I really like this post! I didn’t realise how many films were remakes/sequels of pervious films! This can be linked to the idea that we are losing originality because of remix culture? You can take a further look at this here:

    I also thought the spongebob gif was used extremely well as it properly and quickly explains the differences between original/remix/mashup.

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  2. Hi Mara,
    Your post, “Read/write/edit/share”, was very concise and well – written, clearly detailing the notion surrounding ‘remix culture’. I found your post very engaging through the incorporation of a meme, YouTube video and the creation of your own gif. I love how you started your post off with addressing the popularisation of remaking previous films that were once big hits. It was very interesting to see that so many of the “Top Grossing Movies” were in fact remakes or sequels. This example enables reader’s to understand what exactly makes up the term “remix culture” and how it is used within today’s society. I also like how you mention Shakespeare within your post to reinforce the idea that remix and remakes of various people’s works, has existed for many years and continues to be relevant.

    One suggestion I would make in regards to your post would be to hyperlink a definition of remix culture, this will enable reader’s who may have never heard of the term or who may be unsure of an exact definition, to gain a deeper understanding. For example, you may hyperlink the word “remix” or “remix culture” to the following source, Additionally, I would suggest further delving into the effects of an active audience and the increase of user- generated content, on remix culture. The following source,, explores a range of popular media sharing sites which encourage and enable user – generated content and how well they support remix culture. Overall, I really liked how you structured your blog post and discussed ‘remix culture’ through various examples!

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  3. You did a great job at at explaining the whole concept of remix culture and how we as the audience can create our own content. I liked how you used your own gif to prove this point and it was also a great way to briefly explain the difference between original, remix and mashup!

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  4. That was a good rundown of read only culture and read-write culture! I’d just like to add that recreating is important, if the audience/produsers are given the right digital tool, there is potential and unlimited amount of new forms of expression! (:

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