Copyright & Fan Fiction


It’s never been simpler to get published. Today, all it takes to publish your next manuscript with minimum effort or cost. This is of course thanks to the internet. Yet although the number of books being published has dramatically increased, at the same time books sales are decreasing.

Then there’s online social platforms such as Wattpad and FanFiction that have made it even simpler for consumers to step into the creation of content and develop their own content.  In many cases, this new content ignores copyright laws, by reusing and remixing well-loved characters, ideas and even entire plot points to create something new.


What’s interesting about the people who chose to write and publish fan fiction is that  they are often very aware that they are breaching copyright laws. So to get around this issue many writers will choose to use a disclaimer to clearly state that their work is one of fan fiction and is not attempting to make a profit.

It’s an interesting situation, as for many fan fiction writers they will never see any financial return for the hours of work they put in. Even when fan fiction is done for no profit there are still authors such as Anne Rice or Laurell K. Hamilton who adamantly oppose all forms of fan fiction and will sue any writers who use their work.



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