Why we tell stories

Telling stories is the simplest way to convey an idea, an experience or an emotion. We can’t help but love the brands and companies that tell great stories as they connect with us on a truly human level.

Today we are experiencing an overload of mediums and types of storytelling. With this new diversity it seems only natural that the stories we tell are becoming more interactive and engaging for audiences. This is change is known as Transmedia storytelling.

What is it?

Transmedia is the practice of using multiple platforms to tell a cohesive narrative. It’s a participatory type of storytelling as it not only allows audiences to directly engage with the content but choose how they engage.

It’s a dramatic move away from how we’ve historically told stories. Audiences no longer have to absorb stories passively and in a linear fashion.

Here’s an example
Let me introduce you to the YouTube Series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.

It’s an adaption of Pride and Prejudice that utilised a range of different media to tell an engaging story. The video series wasn’t the only part of the content. Characters on the series kept active twitterFacebook and Tumblr accounts throughout the series that fans could engage directly with. This made the story an interactive experience for viewers.

So what does it all mean… really?

Transmedia storytelling is the ultimate way of selling you something. This is because it not only creates engaging content that the audience wants to take part in but allows audiences to access the product from a variety of entry points.

I’ll leave you with this for food for thought…




6 thoughts on “Why we tell stories

  1. I really like this post, the structure makes it easy to read and understand your point. Your example of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries seems to fit perfectly into this topic, I think that was a great choice in exemplifying what transmedia is. Maybe you could have contrasted transmedia with multimedia in order to further clarify your point. But great post!

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  2. Hey Mara,

    I really like your provided example of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, it seems like creators have been using transmedia storytelling more than I thought. Their use of the social media platforms really brings some modernity into the classic pride and prejudice story along with it being a modern retelling anyway. Allowing people to interact with the characters they may have spent so long watching is a very good marketing ploy. As you have mentioned this is the ultimate way to sell things to people, because if they like the thing enough, they’ll mostly want to know as much as they can about it.

    Also I love your remix of Ted!

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  3. Hi Mara, your post on transmedia was very informative an clear. The little introduction explained it simply and quite well I found. I didn’t know about the Lizzie Bennett Diaries before but I clicked the youtube channel link and got a bit familiar. Interesting example 🙂 – Tamara

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