Right to repair


Breaking your phone is arguably a bit of a millennial nightmare. Yet you’d think that getting it fixed wouldn’t be much of an issue.

However if you do end up needing your phone fixed you may find that you are limited as to who you can get it fixed by. Part of the reason why is that independent  repair shops don’t have access to patented service manuals, diagnostic tools and parts.  1p9b72

Right to repair or fair repair?

You may have heard of the phrase “right to repair” being talked about in the media. It’s been brought up again as a few American states are considering whether access to traditionally patented manuals and parts should be made publicly available.

Locked appliances vs. generative platforms


In a way this situation is a way for companies to keep complete control over the  media platform and how the we use it. I’m not trying to argue either for or against whether repairing what we own is a right. Instead I’m arguing that the current system which forces customers to go through their phone providers for repairs is an example of a locked appliance system.

Whether or not the this proposed law is passed in the US, the fact remains that the current system used by many phone manufacturers deliberately limits the way in which we as consumers engage with their products.


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