Just Google it!

Do you pronounce it na-chos or na-choes?

There was once this thing where a group of friends would spend twenty minutes arguing about the intricacies of life over a glass (or bottle) of wine. This debate would have gone back and forth as people shared their knowledgable opinions until some enterprising individual pulled out a dictionary to settle the debate. Flash forward to today and this scene has changed. Instead of pulling out a dictionary that same person may have exclaimed “just Google it!”.

We live in an interconnected world. It’s a world that is very different from the world of Samuel Morse or Alexander Bell. Although they witnessed some of the most pivotal moments of technological change, they may not have realized the consequences of their own inventions.

But what if one day someone asksmethe time in



6 thoughts on “Just Google it!

  1. Definitely getting a public sphere kind of vibe from that first paragraph! If you haven’t heard of it, check out this link: https://www.media-studies.ca/articles/habermas.htm
    I don’t think there are necessarily “consequences” of their inventions like you said. If anything, the internet is this consequence. But could we live without this amazing, messy and revolutionary piece of technology? Maybe, but we choose not to because we love to stay connected to one another and the world events that are going on around us. Maybe try and elaborate your point a little if anything!- V

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  2. I like this perspective, as pointed out with “Have a Beer with V”, your analogy is exactly what the public sphere is in another analogy. An interesting theory by Habermas. For sure Bell and Morse didn’t see this advancement coming at all, I’m sure a lot of people didn’t either. I think we made the internet and the communication norms around the technology. Think about how we use each app to our advantage everyday. As you exclaimed “Just Google It!”, we would also just say “Check her snapchat to see where she was last.”… Kinda get it? Our communication and interconnected-ness has expanded to where no one really thought it would go to!

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