Natural Selection

It will not count as a surprise when I say that video stores are well and truly dead. If you are surprised, “Welcome! Glad to see that you’ve emerged from your rock.”

Although there are many reasons why online streaming services such as Netflix are successful, it is mainly due to their business model. Unlike physical video stores, these platforms do not have a physical presence. Instead they rely on the Internet to connect directly with customers instantaneously.

Not only does this make it easier than ever to watch Shrek 2 but the amount of content that they can make available is almost infinite. As argued by Clay Shirky, “there is no economies of scale, no limits of supply.”


4 thoughts on “Natural Selection

  1. Hey Mara! I really like your Gif this week!

    I love what you’ve touched on here, it’s super integral to understand why the business models of physical videos stores are failing — due to the internet!

    Although a sense of novelty still may lie in visiting a video store, you can see how they struggled in the end competing with the 24/7 access of the internet or the borderless business model; this article I think would come in handy if you wanted to read further on that note!

    I could see you taking this topic a bit deeper than you have already!

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  2. Hey Mara I really liked this post! It was short and sweet and to the point which is often very important in this new generation with a very limited attention span. I especially liked your closing quote about “no limits of supply”; there are an endless amount of movies in the world and so, an endless supply of movies for streaming services to supply.

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