The Wall..ed Garden?

Game of Thrones spoilers below.

It may not seem this way but we’re moving away from the Internet 2.0 into something very different. With the emergence of super popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and and dominate platforms like apple, we’re moving into a new phase of the internet.

Introducing the Walled Garden

There are four main characteristics of this concept:

  1. Consists of curated content
  2. Offers protection from open internet by filtering undesirable content
  3. Conveys idea that it is ‘the place to be’ as everyone who is everyone is already on these platforms
  4. Has a guarantee of quality.

So why do we call it a ‘Walled Garden’? This term has emerged because this change is changing the way in which we use the internet. We are no longer using the internet as it was originally intended.

What are the downsides?

  • The owner of the platform determines how you use their platform. In order to  access and use these platforms you need to abide with their rules. For example check out Facebook’s Policies.
  • All content is tied to the platform. For example sharing a funny picture of your dog that you’ve posted on Facebook directly across to Twitter, is nigh on impossible.
  • There are licensing fees. And they can be surprisingly expensive.
  • Regardless of the fact that the internet is basically a copy machine, copyright is fiercely controlled in these walled gardens.
  • Apps are not searchable by web search engines, which makes them very isolated from the rest of the internet.

But I wouldn’t panic yet. There may still be time to change away from this.





7 thoughts on “The Wall..ed Garden?

  1. Hi Mara, loved this blog- and totally has nothing to do with the GoT references-*cough* *cough* well yes, the meme, the gif, it’s all perfect! I found the ‘downsides’ list quite interesting, I’ve never thought about it too much before, like the licensing fees being expensive- never crossed my mind! I found this article that has someone locked inside ‘Apples Walls’for a month and what they found out, it’s actually a really interesting read into how it works and some of the affects the apple systems have. It looks at the pros and cons of the Apple system and its apps.
    Your blog was super cool, short and sweet but still very informative. Keep on blogging 🙂

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  2. Hey, sweet blog!
    You explained the concept of the ‘Walled Garden’ in a really great way. It wasn’t too long, but you hit all the necessary points to create a very informative blog. I also loved the gifs you made. They really tied in with the idea of the ‘Walled Garden’ perfectly, and the GoT references were on point.

    I found the ‘downside’ list quite interesting to read, as while I had thought on some of them, you brought up some points I hadn’t really thought all that much about, especially the idea of the expensive licensing fees, and the fact that apps are not searchable by web search engines. The additional hyperlinks to each point were also highly useful. Your last point made me think, is there a chance to escape the walled garden? Is there a chance for change?

    I found this source (, which illustrates a few effective points, all in which indicate that there is an escape, and that change is possible.

    Really great blog!
    ~ Brendon

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  3. Hi Mia,
    Great post, it got me thinking about Instagram’s censorship policy. This article talks about how Instagram has put forth a new ‘sensitive’ policy, which basically ensures that any material that is viewed as ‘potentially controversial’ is blurred. I understand this in the case of ‘gory’ imagery but what if someone posts a photo of their food, another person reports it as offensive just to spite them and then it becomes marked as ‘sensitive’ and is consequently blurred? This seems really ridiculous to me and if this is the way the internet is heading it will cause more controversy and than the images that are deemed so controversial. More people may even become less likely to engage in the platform.
    Now referring to your memes, if Westeros was a walled garden, what kind of a garden would it be?

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