Open-source v.s. Closed

Freedomios vs. Android: The twin futures of mobile net


What is open-source software?

This refers to software of which its source code has been made available to anyone for any purpose. This grants customers the right to change, develop and distribute the software for any purpose.

As seen in the above analogy, Android is an example of an open-source system.

So, closed-source software is source code that has not been published and made publicly available. Customers do not have the right to change or distribute the software in any way.

Apple is a closed-source system.




4 thoughts on “Open-source v.s. Closed

  1. Your meme is pretty good, I really liked that, and the straight forward explanation of what closed and open sources are, however, I do think you need a bit more expansion of the topic and what they’re about. The post seemed short and I would love to learn more from the blog post.
    This video I’ve linked gives a clearer explanation of open and closed sources I think that can help.

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  2. Hey! This is a good blog post which does get to the point immediately. I understand we have a really short word count to explain the topic which is hard sometimes as it is difficult to fit all information and content into the post. All I would recommend is perhaps adding a few hyperlinks or possibly a link to a youtube video which is able to further elaborate on the topic you are talking about. For example, links to websites such as these would be a great help!
    I also really liked this meme! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  3. So what’s your take on open vs closed sourced software? IMO its a person by person basis when it comes to which is better. Would have liked to have seen more of an opinionated post as this is very much a personal preference topic. Otherwise gg may may

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