Gatekeeping vs. Gatewatching


You may remember the short video clip of a young girl being dragged into the water by a Sea lion. This clip went viral back in May 2017 and was plastered on every news channel, social media platform and blog.

Yet for many people, Legacy Media channels were late to the game on reporting about the instance. The phrase “I saw it on Facebook already” was never truer.




One thought on “Gatekeeping vs. Gatewatching

  1. Such a good point. This is so relevant when talking to my grandparents. They love to watch the news and (like many older people) do not have social media. They are constantly telling me about “crazy things that they saw on the news” and my response is always: ” I saw that already on Twitter, Facebook, YoutTube Snapchat, etc”. I often wonder what the future holds for legacy media. I found this interesting article on the subject.

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