It’s a wild web

In 2016, Yahoo admired to being hacked, claiming that over 500 million accounts had been breached. It wasn’t until October this year that the true nature of the hack was revealed with estimates that really over 1 billion users had been affected.

So if you have a Yahoo account, this likely has affected you. Just saying.

When faced with anonymity, this type of situation is almost impossible to avoid.


8 thoughts on “It’s a wild web

  1. Hi Mara, love the GIF 10/10 quality haha I, thankfully, do not have a Yahoo account so this did not affect me on a personal level- however it did still scare me. Hacking I am aware it’s pretty inevitable these days but seriously the amount of security measures that have been placed in big corporations- the level of hacking should not be achievable! This article from New York Times discusses how there has been TWO (??) major attacks on the company- how can we avoid this? we put so much information on the internet, we assume it is safe, but when hacking happens what is actually safe? Thinking about it too long makes me wanna hide away with no internet for a while!
    Great blog though, keep writing!

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  2. Hey Mara!
    The gif made me giggle a lot so I had to click on the blog post! I think it is truly insane at the number of accounts that were effected, in todays advanced technological age you would think a hack this big would be somewhat impossible. Guess not! I found an article which discusses yahoos security measures and if they did enough to prevent the hack!

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  3. Hi Mara,
    This gif tops them all! It’s bizarre to think that one of the most important features of any program isn’t what it can do and how innovative it is, but its capability for it not to be hacked. I don’t know about most people but when I sign up to things and give my details out I evaluate how secure the site is and decide if I should go ahead but in saying that banks get hacked all the time so if they can’t stop it what chance to other sites have.

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    • It’s like why we subscribe to Paypal. It’s likely got its own weaknesses but it make me feel more secure so therefore happy to use it.


  4. Hi Mara, your gif is so great! Regarding the hack, I had no idea about that! I have a Yahoo account that I don’t use as my main email anymore (thank goodness). I feel like I am pretty naive when it comes to things like this. I never even think of the possibility of my email account being hacked. This course has definitely taught me to be more careful about where I put information and what types of services I am signing up for.

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