Reflection – Fighting Procrastination in Universities

As part of this university semester I was tasked with conducting a research project. The focus was on procrastination and time-management. My key question; ‘what do university students do to overcome procrastination?’

When I began I didn’t know where to start. Although it seemed like a simple question to answer, I had little experience with conducting research of my own. How did you run a focus group? What questions were the right ones to ask? I thought at the time that my project would be exceedingly simple and that I would have some pretty answer to submit by the end. I was a little misguided.

One of the hardest lessons I learnt was the importance of asking ‘good’ questions. Although I had thought that the questions I asked were good enough, it wasn’t until I began to pull everything together that I realised that I had so many more to ask and so many directions I could go searching in. The problem was my time limit. With only a limited amount of time to get the whole project wrapped up I couldn’t rethink, double back and ask more (as much as I wanted to).

I also realised that for my topic, there is no hard and fast solution. When it comes to procrastination, everyone copes differently and there are no wrong answers. This made coming up with solutions almost impossible. How do you make recommendations that encompass everyone when everyone is so different in how they study, don’t study or avoid it completely?

Altogether I think I got more out of this project then I thought I would. What I am most proud of it that I have developed my own skills as a amateur researcher. What’s more, I know that I can take these skills and use them in future subjects.


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