166,816,572 views and counting

The term 'convergence' is a little tricky to define. As explained by Jenkins (2006), people who use the word 'convergence' often use it to describe different things depending on who uses it and what the speaker thinks they are talking about.  I think that this is part of the reason why'convergence' is so difficult to define. What does 'convergence' mean? To make … Continue reading 166,816,572 views and counting

“Who watches the watcher?”

We often picture the media as some sort of public watchdog that is supposed to bark ferociously at any political, economic or corporate wrongdoing. It is the job of journalists and in turn the media to represent the interests of the people, us. This responsibility is often referred to as the Forth Estate. But as Roman poet Juvenal once said,"Quis custodiet … Continue reading “Who watches the watcher?”

More Than Just Sweaters

It sure is a striking image. At a glance the image denotes a young man clearly suffering from a debilitating illness. He is looking away into the distance with a vacant expression. His (presumed) grieving family are gathered around his hospital bed. The seriousness of the image is contrasted by the colour which was deliberately added to the original, black and … Continue reading More Than Just Sweaters

3 Reasons Why We Need To Calm Down About Video Games

I'm going to be honest with you. Although I've spent a respectable amount of time taking turns on my brother's playstation, I still have the skill set of a self-confessed noob. This hasn't stopped the passion my brother and I share for video games. But the rest of my family (parents) are a little cautious to the whole idea. And … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why We Need To Calm Down About Video Games