Masks, cosplay and Batman

  Welcome to the wonderful world of cosplay! Today I had to explain what exactly 'cosplay' was to a lady who had heard of it but didn't really understand. For those of you who have also been in this position, know that this isn't such an easy thing to do. In my case I chose … Continue reading Masks, cosplay and Batman

Right to repair

Breaking your phone is arguably a bit of a millennial nightmare. Yet you'd think that getting it fixed wouldn't be much of an issue. However if you do end up needing your phone fixed you may find that you are limited as to who you can get it fixed by. Part of the reason why … Continue reading Right to repair


According to my 16 year-old sister, memes are nothing much more than "just random quotes and different pictures, the stupid things people say.  They're everywhere." And to some degree she is right. On the surface at least memes are just that, a (stolen) image paired with a short message that is amusing for a second or two. … Continue reading Memeception

Want fries with that?

Now we have 'Glitch Art' What is Glitch Art? It's deliberately creating purposeful mistakes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating to create something that embodies authenticity. It looks like this. This new art form not only embraces but celebrates the notion of risk in craftsmanship.  It's an example of how we are moving away from the production … Continue reading Want fries with that?

Fakebook and other mediums

There were many things about last year's US Presidential Election that were unprecedented or at least very interesting. Source Besides Trumps affinity for Batman references, one of the most interesting developments was the way in which the Trump administration used Facebook as a key part of their election campaign. Yet founder, Mark Zuckerberg still argues that saying Facebook had … Continue reading Fakebook and other mediums

Thinking Cap Time

In case that there are people reading this blog post that are not taking, have not taken or will never take the BCM112 subject know that there's a reason why I've been spending the past week staring blankly at my screen. Part of my BCM112 course work involves creating a Digital Artefact (DA). Similar to a major project. What's different … Continue reading Thinking Cap Time