Open-source v.s. Closed

ios vs. Android: The twin futures of mobile net   What is open-source software? This refers to software of which its source code has been made available to anyone for any purpose. This grants customers the right to change, develop and distribute the software for any purpose. As seen in the above analogy, Android is an example … Continue reading Open-source v.s. Closed


The Wall..ed Garden?

FULL DISCLOSURE! Game of Thrones spoilers below. It may not seem this way but we're moving away from the Internet 2.0 into something very different. With the emergence of super popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and and dominate platforms like apple, we're moving into a new phase of the internet. Introducing the Walled … Continue reading The Wall..ed Garden?

Just Google it!

Do you pronounce it na-chos or na-choes? There was once this thing where a group of friends would spend twenty minutes arguing about the intricacies of life over a glass (or bottle) of wine. This debate would have gone back and forth as people shared their knowledgable opinions until some enterprising individual pulled out a … Continue reading Just Google it!