Several native solitary bee species live and explore in this small but fertile park. During the day, each bee enthusiast (the players) protects the native bees by growing one of the five species of plants, helping bees find flowers to pollinate, making bee hotels and collecting bee bread. Despite all this good work, players will … Continue reading Hover

Introducing Drone: a board game about bees

It's one thing to design a game with a team of people, it's another all together to do it by yourself. Obviously I'm a sucker for punishment and despite the overwhelming amount of work that I'm having to do all on my lonesome, I'm enjoying the process. Something, something... the journey is better than the … Continue reading Introducing Drone: a board game about bees

BCM212 – Update

This is an update on an ongoing research project: 'How do university students manage the effects of procrastination?' Read my original proposal here. Procrastination is the process of delaying an action. The aim of my project is to explore the solutions students and institutions have developed to control procrastination and create time-management skills. To do … Continue reading BCM212 – Update