Several native solitary bee species live and explore in this small but fertile park. During the day, each bee enthusiast (the players) protects the native bees by growing one of the five species of plants, helping bees find flowers to pollinate, making bee hotels and collecting bee bread. Despite all this good work, players will … Continue reading Hover

Designing a board game 101

I'll be the first to admit that going into this project, I underestimated the amount of work that my team would inevitably dive into. I know now that designing a board game is no easy task. Despite what the internet may tell you, there's a lot more to good board game design than just having … Continue reading Designing a board game 101

Game Pitch: Turning an idea into something more

Original Idea: A board game that allows players to experience the life of a bee; exploring their environment, foraging for pollen and nectar and serving the hive. Why: I couldn't get this theme out of my head and I can imagine it looking simplistic and beautiful. Inspiration for this game comes first of all from the … Continue reading Game Pitch: Turning an idea into something more

Contemplation of the everyday life-cycle of a tree

"#%@$. Oh, no! I'm really angry..." These are not the words you'd expect to hear during a game whose theme is about as non-violent as a daffodil. Photosynthesis is a board game that encourages players to explore the simple life-cycle of a tree. Yet behind this charming concept, beautifully designed pieces and clever game mechanics, … Continue reading Contemplation of the everyday life-cycle of a tree