Research Ideas

This semester I have been tasked with developing a research project that explores an element of the university experience. With such a broad area of focus I have spent this week trying to decide upon a direction to take. It hasn't been easy but I have managed to come up with a few ideas that … Continue reading Research Ideas


Curiouser and Curiouser

I’ve had to admit that I’m exactly the sort of person who struggles to do anything without conducting research beforehand. I’m a bit like Hermione – furiously flicking through ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’ to prepare for her first broomstick lessons – sometimes the research just isn’t practical. But it’s often a lot of fun. One … Continue reading Curiouser and Curiouser

Ease of coordination

It's never been easier coordinate events and meet-ups with friends and family. With the touch of a button, it's possible to communicate any information instantly (well, instantly when connected to WiFi) to a global audience. Social media has played an enormous role in the ease of coordination of people; through personal, small events to large … Continue reading Ease of coordination