A conversation of their own

This week in my BCM206 lecture we discussed the concept of the Internet of Things. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail (follow the links for more information) but basically this idea can be explained as the connection of any device or thing to the internet. This can be anything from your … Continue reading A conversation of their own

It’s a wild web

In 2016, Yahoo admired to being hacked, claiming that over 500 million accounts had been breached. It wasn't until October this year that the true nature of the hack was revealed with estimates that really over 1 billion users had been affected. So if you have a Yahoo account, this likely has affected you. Just … Continue reading It’s a wild web

Ease of coordination

It's never been easier coordinate events and meet-ups with friends and family. With the touch of a button, it's possible to communicate any information instantly (well, instantly when connected to WiFi) to a global audience. Social media has played an enormous role in the ease of coordination of people; through personal, small events to large … Continue reading Ease of coordination